Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Do Not Think This is a Good Measure

I was bored this morning (still can't sleep!) and was clicking through various corners of the internet and found myself at a a BMI calculator. I'm 5'11. I have a smallish frame for the most part. Certainly not a beefy muscle guy. I'm not svelte, and could stand to be in better physical shape (been lazy lately), though that means more muscle tone, not losing a bunch of weight for its own sake.

It isn't news that BMI is a silly measure. But I'm about 5 pounds away from being "overweight" given my height. Well, ok, I'll take that. Losing 10 pounds wouldn't kill me. On the other side, however, I apparently could lose 40 pounds before I would be classified as "underweight." If I lose 40 pounds, unless I'm training for and running weekly marathons (and even then) I hope my friends consider putting me in the hospital.