Sunday, May 08, 2016

I Don't Think the Potty Mouth is the Problem

Dana does devote an entire paragraph to mentioning that Trump is a bigot, also, too, but really what has Mr. "Mad Bitch Beer" incensed is that the Donald says bad words. Of ourse Dana says bad words. Journalists swear. Politicians swear all the time. They've done it in front of me even when I didn't know them. Journalists know that politicians swear. Sure most are a bit less likely to do it in front of a camera, but so what? I'd prefer their public personas more accurately reflect their private ones. It's ridiculous when Official Washington gets up on their high horses about decorum, especially when most of them don't exactly have the Queen's manners themselves. It's a lot more impolite to go blow up a bunch of people for no good reason than it is to say "fuck" every now and then.