Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Nickname Campaign

First jut don't. This campaign is not going to be won on who comes up with the most High-larious (kill me) nickname for their opponent. Second, don't play Trump's game. You don't validate him, you undermine him. Third, not "Poor Donald." I have no idea how rich Donald is. The repo men might be about to pull up to his house and pull out everything, including the stuff nailed to the floor. But he's created the airs of a rich man, if a gauche one (well in the American tradition). As far as anybody knows he lives like a very rich man. If Clinton starts suggesting the Donald's lifestyle is "poor," (I know that's not the intention, but...) it doesn't say much about Clintonland's perception of what poor in America is like. Being poor sucks, but I don't think the Clinton campaign should be using it as an insult? WTF.
For now, her aides appear to be throwing ideas against a wall to see what sticks, including trying out different monikers after the Democratic National Committee’s “Dangerous Donald” flopped. An internal favorite is “Poor Donald,” with its implication that Mr. Trump, famously defensive about his net worth, is not nearly as wealthy as he lets on.
Did you hear? Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is poor! Ya, that's gonna go over well. Glad this is what they get paid the big bucks for.

My job should be to sit quietly in the room and every 2 weeks or so get a chance to hit a buzzer and scream "ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING STUPID?"