Wednesday, June 08, 2016

If Only That Party Existed...I Wonder What We'd Call It..

The Mustache of Understanding writes this column fairly regularly, and some other pundits as well. It's either so dishonest or stupid that little Tommy gets to laugh all the way to the bank every time he writes it. I wonder how those meetings in the White House go. "Mr. President, what we need are common sense solutions to [insert all the stuff Obama usually claims to support." "Those are some interesting ideas, Mr. Friedman. Fortunately we already subscribe to your newsletter, and have been considering very seriously many of the ideas that are contained within it."

Tom Friedman's fantasy party isn't exactly my fantasy party, but the Democratic party has pretty much been that party for a very long time now. Sure even from a Friedman-esque center-right perspective they aren't perfect, but they're as perfect for Little Tommy as a political party that is run by humans in the actual world as they could possibly be.