Wednesday, June 22, 2016

May We Live In Interesting Times

We all probably have to admit that all of this is a bit more interesting when there are actual interesting things happening, even if we might differ quite a bit on just what is interesting. A leave vote (for Brexit) would be much more interesting than a stay vote. Change vs. status quo, blah blah. As I've said I'd vote to stay in Yurp, though that isn't because I think the EU is unambiguously a force for good. Still a policy vote aimed at right wingers is likely give right wingers what they want, not enshrine your left wing fantasy version of "what happens with Brexit." Xenophobia is the biggest driver of the current support for Brexit and I'm one who thinks that the UK (and the US) has become a much better place due to the relative ease to move there from many countries. Many of the people who support it will be pissed when they discover that it'll likely mean taking away most of the good stuff of the EU that "normal" people benefit from while the other stuff remains. Fortunately we'll all know who to blame for the horrible Tories: immigrants.