Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We Do We Hate The Kids Today

Some people are just assholes and love the idea that The Kids Today, who are most definitely more beautiful and having more sexytime, are not getting a good deal, but a lot of people are just genuinely clueless.

Close to free college is the really obvious one, but there are so many other ways. Listen to your financial advisors, kids! Start saving for your retirement early! Also pay back that student loan! Also save for a mortgage! Also have babies like Jesus intended! Make sure to buy a nice car as there's no public transportation for you, loser.

The "joke" used to be that no one could afford to be poor anymore. Now you can't afford to be middle class.

Government used to provide some nice things for people. It doesn't anymore. Fortunately your kids can all be entrepreneurs. I wonder if there's a French word for that?