Saturday, June 11, 2016

We Support Universality Even For Rich White People!

I suppose liberals make the occasional "fuck, Oklahoma, they brought this on themselves" kind of joke but that's just gallows humor. I don't know any liberals who really think that we should have the secret welfare system for black people and that working class white people should be on their own(Whoever they are. For some reason we don't have working class blah people. Must be all the secret welfare!) Sure means testing every nice thing has been a part of the Dem way of doing things for a long time, but it isn't a liberal thing, and if anything it's there to convince those white people (unsuccessfully) that the Obamaphones for the blahs aren't the latest iPhones, or whatever.

Still the good point here is that government should provide services. Those services should be universal. Sure some services might be aimed more at poor people, and the free money spigots tend to be aimed more at rich people, but they can still be universal as long as everything isn't means and asset tested. If we think rich people shouldn't be getting free free public higher education then there's a pretty easy way to take care of that which will take in a lot more money, and be a lot less of a hassle, than having immense bureaucracies. It's called progressive taxation.