Monday, June 06, 2016

Welcome to My World

I've long had this fantasy of an assembling a caravan of about 1000 Philly cars/driver and then going to park them (legally) in some suburban neighborhood somewhere. The point, of course, would be to make a point. Visitors to my hellhole think nothing of parking in residential neigborhoods, and I don't think they should except when they block crosswalks, sidewalks, bus routes, and fire hydrants and similar.(locals engage in bad parking behavior, too).
Waze and similar probably do not affect the newest suburban developments, which often have single access roads, but older developments still provide "shortcuts" between places for those in the know. Now everybody can be in the know.
When the traffic on Timothy Connor’s quiet Maryland street suddenly jumped by several hundred cars an hour, he knew who was partly to blame: the disembodied female voice he could hear through the occasional open window saying, “Continue on Elm Avenue . . . .”

The marked detour around a months-long road repair was several blocks away. But plenty of drivers were finding a shortcut past Connor’s Takoma Park house, slaloming around dog walkers and curbside basketball hoops, thanks to Waze and other navigation apps.