Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What Blairites Were Busy Doing Instead of Campaigning for Remain

Remember this is what they're using to justify trying to oust Corbyn, that he didn't try hard enough to prevent Cameron from fucking up the country. The reality is, they saw an opportunity long before the vote was taken. The "reasons" were inserted after.
Labour rebels believe they can topple Jeremy Corbyn after the EU referendum in a 24-hour blitz by jumping on a media storm of his own making.

Moderate MPs who believe Mr Corbyn can never win back power think his failure to close down public rows which flare up and dominate the news channels leaves him vulnerable.

By fanning the flames with front bench resignations and public criticism they think the signatures needed to trigger a leadership race can be gathered within a day.

That was two weeks before the referendum. I wonder how those media storms just happen? Of course the press is really playing along with the "IT'S ALL CORBYN'S FAULT" narrative. New Labour is in their blood. 20 years from now Labour still won't have won an election and it will be Corbyn's fault.

Launching a coup in the Labour Party at this moment has diverted attention away from those responsible for this national crisis — not least by staggering resignations to ensure Labour’s woes dominate the news cycle for as long as possible.

That was the plan!