Saturday, July 16, 2016

Now I Do Feel Sorry For Chris Christie

Hahaha nope. Almost had you that time.
Then he did not get the job he had been publicly pining for, and on which he had pinned his hopes of political resuscitation. Donald J. Trump, who is expected to become the Republican nominee for president next week, picked someone else as his running mate, despite an endorsement that dragged Mr. Christie’s poll numbers to record lows at home and alienated him from moderate Republicans he once called friends.

And that was before a storm knocked down a tree and power line outside Mr. Christie’s house, starting a fire beside it. When a local television station asked the governor if he still had electricity, he gave a thumbs down, which might have been answering the question, or summing up the previous several hours, or months.

Poor thing won't even be able to get to work at the cushy NYC job he'll inevitably get because the train tunnels will have collapsed (hopefully not really).