Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's Important Is Being Right On The Internet

It's a weird affliction. Sure we all have it, somewhat, but especially when predicting bad things, the bad things that happen should make you feel worse than the fact that you were proved fucking right.

There's utility in pointing out people who are regularly wrong, and the thinking that leads us to wrongness and rightness. If wrongness and rightness regularly flow respectively from incorrect and correct basic assumptions regularly, it's fine to point that out. And trying to stop a car crash before it happens, even if it's likely futile, is a useful endeavor.

Still a lot of us (I'm sure I do it too at times!) enjoy being right, even if the prediction is doom, just a bit too much. There's a bit too much MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in this stuff sometimes.

Life's little pleasures get us through the day, but the 500th time we hear your confident prediction that, for example, HILLARY CLINTON WILL LOSE (no I'm not directing this at any of my commenters), accompanied by an obvious amount of glee, either says it's really important that you're right, or says you just don't want her to win. Both are fine, but they are what they are.