Sunday, July 03, 2016

Who's The Boss

Follow the politics, to varying degrees, of other countries, it's pretty clear that contempt for democracy is a pretty a standard feature. There are the people who have been elected to run their countries, who at least play along with that quaint system whatever they happened to think about it. There are the people who probably really do run the country, those who have way way too much power, through various means, despite not being elected in a notionally democratic system. Then there are the people who believe they should run the country, who get confused when power isn't just handed to them. Often they have supporters in the media who also think these people should run the country. I follow UK politics enough and the country might fall because Jeremy Corbyn (does not actually run the government) is hurting the feefees of a bunch of Labour MPs I've barely heard of. Apparently this means Corbyn lacks leadership, and not that these people are incapable of doing anything but whining.