Monday, August 29, 2016

Donald Trump Lives In The Inner City

There are parts of Philly which aren't so different from the post-apocalyptic 1970s urban dystopia Trump keeps talking about. That is, parts the "inner city" where all black people live in Trump's imagination do exist, sort of. I don't think the lives of the people who live there are anything close to what he imagines, though he's probably correct if he thinks they don't all live in gold-plated homes. Still, high crime blighted poverty-stricken urban places do exist and African-Americans do disproportionately live in such places. Disproportionately does not mean "all" or "a majority of" but, hey, when Trump speaks nothing but infinite truth comes out. Just ask him.

Donald Trump has lived in the "inner city" basically his entire life. I know New Yorkers often think New York exists in another dimension, but there was a time when the "urban problems" of New York were as bad as anywhere, even in the nicer parts of Manhattan. Just ask Snake Plissken. But things change.