Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Since I'm doing my best to find the things about this election that I can laugh at (as long as he loses it'll be hilarious from start to finish, of course), it's worth remembering how cowardly all of the clown car members were. I suppose you can at least give the Boy Blunder, Rubio, some credit for being a bit mean to the Donald back in the day. While all of those people have a lot more influence on the Washington Post editorial board than they do on people who actually elect them, they still have some influence. If they'd all come out swinging, consistently and semi-intelligently (the "semi" part is important here), they could've knee-capped the Donald's candidacy.

I guess the other thing is they listened to the pundits and didn't think he could win. Last person standing would be the one above the fray. Ooops.