Saturday, August 06, 2016

Strange Days

I admit I've lost the thread. For awhile we've had this basic framework in place. The Democrats were the high tax, big government, secret welfare system for the blahs, soft on crime, military hating, free love, hippie peacenik babykiller party. The Republicans were the small government, cut your taxes, love America and freedom and the flag, free market, family values, love Jesus, gay hating, tough love for the blahs, bomb all the scary furriners, death penalty for all criminals, save the babies from the babykillers party.

I'm not saying either of those narratives were quite true, but you could basically pluck out any random statement from any pundit about politicians/political parties and it would fit nicely into those boxes. And someone like me, who to some extent tried to correct those false narratives, had a basic framework to work against.

Now? Pundits still largely operate within those frames, but they're increasingly gibberish and unfamiliar to people. The parties, their voters, and certainly perceptions of those are changing, especially for younger people, and these days "younger people" seems to include anyone under 45 (just made it!).