Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The American Dream

The proliferation of creative public financing for a New Jersey megamall that will likely make its developers rich and then never open is a pretty good metaphor for the actual current American Dream. I couldn't even unpack the various aspects of the financing, which seem to involve some creative money laundering scheme to pass it all through to Wisconsin's public finance agency because of course. But, for those keeping score at home...
Work has stalled in the Meadowlands since a delay in financing in April. Armlin said workers have done prefabrication work off-site in the meantime. There's still plenty to do, including the construction of a 15-care amusement and water park.

After the delay in financing, Armlin said he now expects American Dream to open in late summer 2018.

Just another few Friedmans away...

(ht reader am)