Friday, August 26, 2016

The Messicans Are Everywhere

I admit I find xenophobia to be really weird. Obviously it's generally racist - we love the Irish! at least we do now anyway - but just what is it about furriners that make so many people lose their shit. I do my best not to argue politics IRL because what's the point but I have had a couple of immigration discussions with people. Being against people who are here illegally is a nice safe position, because they're bad just because they did something illegal. Of course that isn't the real issue, and scratch the surface and you really do tend to get a strong distaste for "the other." Why? OK, I'll accept that maybe if you wake up one day and find yourself in a community of furriners instead of a community of people that you imagine are a part of more of a shared culture then people have an understandable negative reaction. Home and community are about what you know to a great degree. But the truth is the Messicans aren't everywhere. Most people aren't seeing their communities overrun by foreign hordes. So why care?