Thursday, August 11, 2016


I'll even not mention the administration re-election campaign he used to work for and the fun things that president used to do, but I do find it hilarious (also, scary, democracy doomed, etc.) that our great opinion leaders are about as silly as very silly 15-year-olds, or our silliest drive-by commentators who email me to tell me all about how your groupthinking is censoring their wisdom. They, you see, are independent-minded and have access to clear unsullied analysis of issues which will lead them to enlightened truth, such as the truth of needing to kill a bunch of innocent Iraqis (oops! I said I wouldn't mention that). You on the other hand are BLIND PARTISANS whose BLIND PARTISANSHIP has led you to the CRAZY IDEA that generally one party fits your policy preferences a bit more than the other and that putting them in power is, in the net, a good idea. BLIND PARTISAN.

One side is too warm, one side is too hot, and those stuck in the middle with Matthew are just right. It's a lonely dangerous place. Both Sides are constantly attacking it, trying to tear down his Castle of Independence. Matthew will be strong, without his comforting blanket. It's just him and his beautiful mind.