Saturday, September 03, 2016

But They Jumped The Line

There's a line, and they cut in front, unlike my ancestors. It's only fair that we send them home, wherever that is.

The differences between these people and DREAMers is \_(ツ)_/. Lots of people were brought here as children by their parents (biological or adoptive) and were, for whatever reason, never able to become citizens. I'd bet the people in this article are generally more sympathetic cases to the population broadly, though I'm not sure why. If you grew up here and have never known anywhere else, it is your home. You don't have another one. There's no place for you to go back to, and likely no one you know waiting for you there. Of course, it isn't so different for people who came here as adults and have been here for awhile, either. Home is here.