Friday, September 09, 2016

He Actually Deleted His Account

They usually don't.
Under fire for controversial online posts, the chair of Ursinus College's board of trustees has resigned, college president Brock Blomberg announced in an email to faculty and students Thursday evening.

A reminder of what those "controversial posts" were..."
"Got to love a janitor with a 'Ban Fracking Now' sticker on his bucket. Barack is clearly reaching his target demographic," said one of the tweets.

"Yoga pants? Per my DTW visual survey, only 10 percent of users should be wearing them. The rest need to be in sweats - or actually get dressed," said another.

A third, which was a retweet, referred to Caitlyn Jenner: "Bruce Jenner got 25 K for speaking engagements. Caitlyn gets $100K. What wage gap?"