Friday, September 16, 2016

Is Voting For A Third Party Stupider Than Voting For Trump?

Contra Drum, the point of this wasn't that there's generational warfare and people are mean to the Kids which is nothing new so stop bringing it up and besides both sides do it, the point is that by the stated (implied at least) measure of judgment, The Kids Today are far superior to every other generation including the generation of the person making the comment. Do polls show The Kids Today will vote for Hillary Clinton? Yes. Damn kids today are voting for third parties and if Clinton loses it'll be all their fault!!!

I get that the olds always hate on the young. There is nothing new under the sun, as us old people are prone to say. But this kind of comment would be like saying "young people need to get more STEM degrees like my generation did!" after looking at data showing young people are actually getting record numbers/proportions of STEM degrees (made up example, also the STEM degree shortage has always been a myth so shut up about that too). It isn't just blasting the youngs for being youngs, it's blasting them for not living up to the arbitrary standards you set for them despite the fact that they actually lived up to them as is shown in the thing you just linked to.

In general in this election season there's been a lot of "the young people suck, why won't those idiots vote for us???" First, they will vote for you. Second, I'm not sure your campaign outreach is going to help that very much. But you'll be smug on the internet, which is almost as important as being right on the internet.