Thursday, September 08, 2016

On Teevee

Millennials get a lot of crap for their selfie and sharing behavior, though my peer group isn't exactly millennials and I see pretty much the same behavior among them (or us). It isn't real until you've taken a picture of it and put it on social media. It's like it didn't even happen!

The older generation version of that is that it isn't real unless it's on TV. Of course not as many of us could ever actually be on TV given constraints, but the reality amplification of having your face on the box was similar.

This is Donald's world, as one can get from his comments and tweets. Reality is TV, he is real when he's on it. I never thought he wanted to be president, though of course he wants to win. He's a winner! But in a way he does. He wants to be on the teevee all the time. The Donald Show.

Reality bites.