Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Kids Today

The savvy thing for liberal pundits to do is to write think pieces that millennials will never read about how stupid millennials are for considering voting for 3rd parties, even though millennials (according to polls) are voting for Team D in a higher proportion than any other age group. Amazingly they figured that out without the sage wisdom from their elders, who are voting for Trump. Stupid Kids Today!

So apparently the Kids Today are going to save us from Trump, but damn Those Kids Today with their iPods and their hippity hop and their snapfacing!!! Not enough of them are voting for Clinton!!!

Hope I die before I get old. Oh well, too late.

Anyway, The Kids Are Alright. If people want to start hectoring generations, hector the assholes that are actually going to vote for Trump. I admit those "Why We Are The Worst Generation" essays are a lot less fun to write than the "Kids Get Off My Lawn" essays, but in this context, at least, a bit more accurate.