Thursday, September 01, 2016

We Would've Won This Election If Not For Those Meddling Kids

I know this is mostly online only bullshit, but one of the narratives out there is how The Kids Today, who fell under the spell of that evil Warlock Bernie Sanders, are all going to vote for Jill Stein and throw the election to Trump because no one can do any math.

Anyway, a higher percentage The Kids Today are going to vote for Hillary Clinton than any other age group, even if a few of them aren't as wise as their elders. Oh, wait, those elders who are going to be voting for Republicans. My generation was born Republican. The generation before mine became Republican. It ain't The Kids Today who are responsible for Trump being where he is. The Kids Today are actually left-leaning Democrats. Yes they're all irresponsible slackers who don't show up for midterms, but at least they don't show up and vote for Republicans like every other generation.