Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And Again

Saw someone else pushing the "only 3% of the population is on the exchanges so no big woop" line. 31% of the population is on Medicare or Medicaid, so how about just shoving that other 3% into one of those instead of forcing them into the expensive corn maze that is the exchanges?

The exchanges aren't there because the insurance companies want the business. The exchanges are there for a firewall for the rest of their business - the employer-based system. If maintaining that firewall is so important to them, they can suck it up and take a loss and consider it a cost of doing (keeping) business. That should be the implicit deal.

Fine, best we could do. Fine, best we could get through Congress. Overall Obamacare is an improvement. I know that. I've never said otherwise. But it's time to point out that the devil's side of the deal with devil actually sucks. Make the insurance companies own it, instead of Democrats.