Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chuck The Incandescents

I delayed replacing my bulbs in part because of the then costs of LEDs, in part because the damn things wouldn't burn out so I didn't want to waste a "good" blub, and in part because buying LEDs is a bit more complicated.

The first one is no longer an issue. The heat wave this summer made me realize those bulbs were extremely hot and fighting with my air conditioner so it was practically worth getting rid of them for that reason alone. The third part is still true. I never paid much attention to what kind of bulbs I bought before, the light was similar enough that it didn't matter much. Now you do have to think about what kind of light warmth you want, and probably even buy precisely the same brand/model to get uniformity. That's still a bit annoying. But I did finally throw all the old bulbs away and replaced them. A bit of an investment, but even aside from direct electricity savings I'll probably make it back in the next heat wave due to lower heat production.