Friday, October 07, 2016

Dance, Monkeys, Dance

The help must show their respect.

It was about the musicians wanting to earn more money, of course.

Just as much, though, it’s about what happens when the CEO’s compensation keeps going up as musicians are being asked to accept less.

It’s about what happens when leadership has failed to stoke donor enthusiasm to an adequate level.


A disturbing subtext ran through what will forever be known as the opening night that never was. It looked like a classic one-percenters’ tantrum when some of the city’s leading philanthropists shouted, “Shame on you,” at musicians after the concert was scrapped and they walked through the Kimmel lobby out to the picket line.

Anyone who thought the walkout was staged simply for effect, or as an act of petulance, should have really studied the musicians’ faces. They looked miserable, and maybe a little surprised themselves.