Thursday, October 06, 2016

How Many Polls

Just came across another person hectoring teh millennials for maybe not voting for Hillary Clinton despite all polls showing that they'll vote in greater proportions for Hillary Clinton than any other generation. It's a funny obsession. I guess it started with the "Bernie Bros" and how they were all immature stupid not really Democrats who didn't understand politics and therefore could be ridiculed for being immature and stupid and their votes really shouldn't count because of all of them being stupid and not understanding that politics isn't about getting your unicorn right now. The olds worked hard to take your unicorns away! You can't have them back overnight! Now they're immature and stupid because some of them might not vote (young people generally have low turnout, there are good reasons and bad for this) and some of them might vote for third party candidates but those immature and stupid little shits had better obey or else they're going to go back to their basements with no supper! Unlike all other voters, they actually want the candidates to cater to them sometimes! Stupid fucking millennials! You'll take those references on NPR from 1987 and you'll like them!

Telling the kids to get off your lawn might be fun, but don't kid yourself into thinking you're doing your part for the greater good. You're just being an asshole, and what they hear is "yeah, well, it's our fault you can't afford your own house but get off my fucking lawn anyway." Thanks pops!

Maybe instead go to one of those places where The Kids Today congregate, like The Beard Emporium, or Ikea's Basement Furnishings, or the video game store, or maybe a hippity hop concert, with a clipboard and some voter registration forms. Could help. Nah, the stupid little fucks can't be trusted to vote anyway