Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Don't Think Any Of These People Understand How This Works

One "hilarious" thing has been watching all the people in the UK who think that in some fashion they get to set the terms of Brexit, either by fiat or because they have some sort of actual negotiating power with the EU (hint: they're sick of your shit, you don't, and they don't care if you raise car and champagne tariffs).

The country voted to leave the EU and the government is planning to follow through (unnecessarily, as it wasn't legally binding in any fashion, but whatever). Following through means invoking Article 50 at some point. Then every country in the EU (27!) gets a veto on any negotiations. Every single one. After 2 years, if no new agreement is reached, then there is no agreement.

But we want a say!!!! WAHHHHH!!!! Nobody in the UK has a say or any negotiating power. Deal with it.