Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Guess The Press Will Need A New Mancrush

Assholes who yell at vulnerable people are their favorites. Where will we find another one?

Instead, Trump’s gift to Christie has been shadow: the top Republican’s national meltdown has obscured that of the one-time rising Republican star and sitting New Jersey governor. But make no mistake—Christie’s is a fall of epic proportions, precipitated by an unfathomably petty revenge plot. The contrast of the two, the top-heavy-ness of the fallout compared to the insignificance of the initial transgression, would be comic, were it not so tragic. Remember that in November of 2012, Governor Christie had a 72 percent approval rating. Today, it stands at 21 percent.

Are there ever any "rising Democratic stars?" Serious question. Seems like anyone with an R after their name gets the "rising star" treatment as some point. I think Obama did, some, after the '04 convention. Otherwise?