Sunday, October 02, 2016

I Have The Best Hobbies, The Very Best

Once I got into a random argument with someone on the internet, as one tends to when someone is being dense on the internet, who was insisting that everybody must take up gardening, that it was the one true path to success and happiness in life. It was quite the religion for this guy. He'd found salvation his dirt. And good for him! But, you know, gardening isn't actually for everybody. Some people find that satisfaction in other activities.

Nothing against gardening. Seems like a nice enough thing to do with your time! I wouldn't mind pulling some fresh veggies out now and then, though I'd have to have someone on full time duty in a guard tower with a sniper rifle to take care of the squirrels. But it really was just a version of "this thing I do, it's the best thing, it's just a coincidence that it happens to be the thing that I do, that best the thing, you know, the best thing that I spend my best time doing, suggesting that I too, am the very best."

Some people like golf. Some people like gardening. Enjoy your hobbies. They aren't for everyone.