Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not Actually That Small?

375 sq. ft. obviously isn't a big apartment, but if that's what we're calling "micro" I think we need a new word for it.
Their $2,250-a-month “junior one-bedroom,” overlooking the bustling bar and restaurant scene along 14th Street NW, is “massive” at 500 square feet, says manager Jason Tremblay, grinning. That’s because the smallest of the Harper’s 144 units are practically shoe boxes at 350 square feet.

And 500 sq. ft. isn't really small at all. Again, of course these aren't spacious places, but I guess I've been to Yurp a few too many times to see 500 sq. ft. as small. With a nice layout it's perfectly comfortable for 2 people. Would I want to spend my whole life in a place like that for 2? Probably not, but it's fine.

And I've seen "tiny" apartments in DC. I don't think they're new.