Monday, October 10, 2016

Undecided Voters

If at this point in a campaign season you claim to be genuinely undecided, you're lazy, lying, or stupid. New information coming in might change your mind, of course, but if you've bothered to put any time in at all to pay attention (and much respect for people who have other hobbies, to be honest), you should be decided.

It isn't the deep dark ages, like 15 years ago, when maybe someone who didn't pay all that much to politics would actually have to spend some effort to figure out information about the candidates. There are candidate websites and the google. You can get enough information to make a decision. Even if some of that information is bullshit, it's information.

And it's also not the glorious era much loved by reporters when tip-n-ronnie had a beer, when southern democrats were democrats, and when genuine cross-party coalitions existed. That historical aberration is gone. You know pretty much what Generic Democrat and Generic Republican will support and suppose. Not all the details, of course, but at least the basic direction.