Friday, October 14, 2016

Yah Don't Give To Them

Woke up this morning and caught a bit of my local NPR pledge drive. NPR pledge drives usually piss me off for a variety of reasons common to all of them, but my local NPR pledge drives really piss me off. This is why.

Over the years, WHYY chief executive William J. Marrazzo has taken a lot of heat for his compensation package and for him, it's a very sensitive subject. "You should never live a life where you take out more than you’re given in every day, never. That’s my personal philosophy," he said, talking about his work. So how does Marrazzo's pay stack up?

He receives $553,918, plus another $26,162 in deferred compensation, for a total of $580,080, according to WHYY's most recent IRS tax form 990. His counterpart in New York's public media company, WNYC, commands $790,115 in total, while at Boston's WGBH, where Antiques Roadshow, Frontline and Nova are produced, the chief executive earns a total of $490,826.

"Contentment for me has never come by the size of my paycheck, but by the knowledge that I’ve given no less than what I take out," he said. "It’s dangerous to measure somebody on the basis of their W2, no matter how big or no matter how small. It’s less about what they make; it’s more about how they live, and what they do with it."

If it's dangerous to measure somebody on the basis of their W2, then I'm sure he wouldn't mind earning half the amount? HAHAHAHA I keed. He gives no less than what he takes out, losers. Suck it.