Monday, November 14, 2016

All Our Critics Are EEEDIIOTS

I can't remember who it was because I got pissed off and hit the unfollow button, but I think it was a NYT reporter (was some prominent publication, at least) who tweeted something to the effect of "most of our critics couldn't even manage to a report a zoning meeting!" It wasn't precisely that. It might have been "mange to report a police crime report!" In any case, I was struck by two things. One, I actually thought that reporting whatever he was referring to - some basic aspect of daily civic life - would be really hard, and boring, and not at all sexy, but he was referring to it as if it was the easiest/lowliest form of reporting instead of a really hard and important part of journalism which is just at the bottom of the status totem pole. Maybe it's the job they give the rookies, but it shouldn't be. Second, and more obviously, yes, we know, most opera critics probably can't hit a single note themselves, and most journalists can't do most of the things they criticize, I mean report on, either. What's your point?