Tuesday, November 01, 2016

America Held Hostage Day X

If Democrats refused to confirm, or even hold hearings on, any Supreme Court justice, Ted Koppel would have a nightly news show counting down the days.

All the cool kids in Washington will remind us that this goes back to that moment in Washington when comity was destroyed by Democrats, the Borking of Bork. Until then TipnRonnie had beers, and everyone had a good old time groping their secretaries, and life was grand in DC, also at the nudie bar. Of course contrary to legend, the Democrats treated Bork well. Kennedy "Borked" him by having the nerve to refer to the public record of this brilliant man. His mistreatment involved giving him hearings in the Senate Judiciary committee, and after he lost the vote there, a vote in the full Senate anyway. Which he lost, and not according to the 60 vote rule. Subsequently the Democrats continued their obstructionist ways by promptly confirming Anthony Kennedy.