Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I spoke about the election to a group of students about 168 years ago 7-8 months ago or so. I was optimistic that Clinton would win, saying what I always said here, which was that she will win but Trump can win. Half right! haha. Anyway what I also said (if I remember correctly) was that the big concern with Trump isn't so much his policies - though those are too! - it's that he has no knowledge of or respect of the basic norms or traditions of government, of how things work, of how the supposedly co-equal branches have evolved to sort of work together. He'll color outside the lines because he doesn't know or care where the lines are. He's just gonna do whatever the hell he wants. Who cares if the Senate approves his nominees? Who cares if an FBI background check is standard procedure for them? Who cares if the Supreme Court tells him no? Who cares if certain important elements of the executive branch are supposed to have some degree of independence from day to day interference?

I don't expect the Republican Congress to do much to try to hold this gang back, but I also don't expect them to have any success even when they try. The press will throw up their hands, accept the new normal, and then demand a return to the old ways next time a Democrat is president (optimism!).