Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Do The Local Thing

I suppose it's part of the inevitable life cycle of the activist. You start thinking big about saving the world, and then realize that maybe your local food bank (or similar) is the best use of your time. Saving the world his hard work, and too often even the powers that be who should be your allies don't really want your help.

I've seen a few waves of national dem-party-linked-but-not-quite-controlled movements being birthed and then smothered in their cribs. It's hard to control the tiger, after all. Then the election losses happen, the voters are blamed, people cry "organize!," and the two years later it's a month before the midterm elections and a bunch of DCCC blessed rich people who can partially (at least) fund their campaigns run a bunch of shitty ads and lose, or even when they win fail to build an organization on the ground because they're, you know, just not that into that. And they lose the next time voter mood shifts a bit.

Maybe I just need a nap.