Thursday, November 17, 2016

Don't Just Live Your Life, Work, Take Care Of Your Kids, Try to Relax Occasionally, Watch TV, And Complain about Politics On The Internet

We could all do more, but exhorting others to stop doing whatever trivial activity they happen to be doing, like fighting with their health insurance company or watching an episode of Luke Cage, is very annoying "virtue signaling." Sort of like writing hot takes about why people shouldn't spend their time writing hot takes and instead do random thing the hot taker approves, but not that other thing the hot taker disapproves of.

All for constructive suggestions for people who want to get involved with things, but every election cycle I see people who don't do a damn thing expressing anger at other people who don't do a damn thing either. And if your job is professional politics (like this blog is for me, sort of!), time spent at your job doesn't count. That's what you're being paid for.