Monday, November 07, 2016

I Am Lazy

If I were a real political junkie I'd head to the RALLYPALOOZA with Springsteen and the gang, but honestly the 2008 DNC in Denver kinda used up all of my standing in line tolerance. If I'm that lukewarm, then someone else should get a nice place in the audience instead.

But for anybody heading in to town for it, whether you're driving or planning on taking public transit, or whatever, remember that greater center city of Philadelphia is actually pretty walkable. You can walk from Jefferson Station to where the rally is in about 20 minutes. And if you're driving, you really don't need to park "a few blocks away." Find a spot within a mile and then walk. (All of this assumes you don't have mobility issues, which of course plenty of people do!). I'm constantly reading people on the internets wondering where "it's safe to park." It's safe for humans, and car insurance is there if your car isn't safe (it probably is safe!). Driving around looking for a spot can be annoying, but it's less annoying if you don't try to park right by the destination where everybody else is driving around looking for a spot. Weather's nice, take a leisurely walk for the last mile.