Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It's Your Job Not To Hit Me

Yes pedestrians can do stupid things, but it's the responsibility of drivers not to kill them (me). And quite often people are a wee bit confused about when pedestrians have the right of way, and even more confused about whether a lack of right of way is a license to kill them (answer: in theory, no, in practice, quite often.)

I'd probably be a little mush puddle on the road, or figuring out my new life in a wheelchair, if I hadn't been paying more attention the other day. I had the light. Like a careful pedestrian I just happened to notice that the car approaching the crosswalk/intersection was unlikely to be able to stop in time. I also noticed that the driver was on the phone. So I waited. Sure enough the driver blew through the crosswalk before stopping a few feet past the red light.

This type of thing is a regular occurrence in a place where the the streets generally are built to pedestrian scale. If there's a light or top sign every block, you really have to work to speed obliviously, and there really isn't any point to it anyway. I shouldn't have to look before I cross at the light on a crosswalk, but I do because I have to.