Thursday, November 17, 2016

Morning Thread

The Halifax Examiner is having a November Subscription Drive. Good, honest, in-depth reporting that could do so much more with more subscribers.  Here's how part of your subscription dollars are spent.

There weren’t document or research costs with this particular article, but there very often are. For instance, I spent $16 conducting two searches on the federal bankruptcy site yesterday, which is fairly typical of the day-in, day-out costs of doing the necessary work for this publication. Sometimes those costs are very high, however: For the Dead Wrong series alone, I’ve spent over $1,000 for court and other documents; a Freedom of Information request I filed last month cost nearly $500.
All of which is to say, your subscription payments translate into good, and sometimes very good, journalism. I have enough story ideas for an in-depth article like Lambie’s every day of the week. And, unfortunately for them, there are a number of excellent but idle reporters in Halifax looking for work. Really, the limiting factor right now for the Examiner is cash. If we had the income, we could do much, much more than we are already doing on our shoestring budget.
So please consider supporting the Examiner with a subscription.