Saturday, November 19, 2016

Respect Authoritah

I don't care that Pence got booed at a Broadway musical. I'm not even sure I'd be one of the boo-ers if I was there. But the instincts of our elite press to side with the powerful over the great unwashed masses is frightening. Trump and friends can say and do anything they want from their podiums and positions of powers, no matter how racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, or clearly designed to stoke hate, if not actual violence, while the masses are expected to sit meekly by if their betters (editor:YOU LIE! Just Republican betters) lower themselves to make an appearance. And this isn't just about "uncivil policies." Trump is an uncouth rude motherfucker. If his gang can dish it out, backed by the full power of the state, they can sure as hell learn to take it. Or they can retreat to their "safe spaces" instead of showing up at the parties of people whose lives they want to destroy.

Those whiny college kids and demanding their "safe spaces" because institutions are shit at dealing with rape, abuse, racism, and mental health issues. Let's make fun of them some more! Only Dear Leader needs his safe spaces.