Monday, November 21, 2016

Will No One Think Of The Truck Drivers?

I'm a bit confused about the obsession with all of the soon to be out of work truck drivers due to automated technology. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of industries being crushed too quickly (change actually is inevitable to some degree, the speed of disruption is really the issue for things like this) and despite my pessimism about automated car technology, I see partially automated trucking to be a thing which will likely happen to some degree fairly soon (though not quite as fast or universally as people think). Still "what about the truck drivers" seems to get a lot more attention than other industries greatly hit by changes in technology/trade rules/taste evolutions/supply chain modifications.

If nothing else, unlike some recently demolished industries, trucking isn't very geographically concentrated and unlike, say, the arrival of Wal-Mart, is unlikely to destroy small local competitors. In other words, it might destroy jobs (bad!) but is less likely to destroy communities.

I'm not arguing it'll be a good thing for people impacted by it, just curious why this particular bad thing which hasn't even happened yet gets so much attention.