Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Words Mean Things

Labeling Bannon a "nationalist" instead of a "white nationalist" isn't just covering for racism, it's racist itself, removing any distinction between nationalism, which many people just read as a strong form of patriotism, and white nationalism, which explicitly seeks to create a whites only nation.

But, yes, I'll spend money to subscribe to all of that quality news I keep hearing about.
WASHINGTON — A fierce chorus of critics denounced President-elect Donald J. Trump on Monday for appointing Stephen K. Bannon, a nationalist media mogul, to a top White House position, even as President Obama described Mr. Trump as “pragmatic,” not ideological, and held out hope that he would rise to the challenge of the presidency.

Various "critics" call it white nationalism, but the voice of the Times calls it just nationalism. What it must be like to be black or jewish at that paper now...