Friday, November 11, 2016

You Lost The Election To Donald Trump

This isn't about anger or recrimination, it's just getting back to what I've said all along. If you do this, you're in it to win it. The responsibility is too great. I would've said the same thing about Bernie Sanders had he won or anybody else. Don't do this fucking thing unless you can win it. And if you don't win it, take the responsibility and consequences of that, which are going to be far less than the consequences for most of the people - yes, including Trump voters - of this election. I'm not aiming this just at Clinton herself, but most of the people who run Clintonland, which has basically run Democratic DC, for decades (with some exceptions). That doesn't include everybody who worked in Clintonland as basically if you worked in Dem politics for the past couple of years you worked in Clintonland. Didn't have much choice. The responsibility falls on the people who ran it. Yes Obama was president for these past 8 years, but he never really created Obamaland outside of the White House. He should have, but...

A big problem in this country is that elites fail upwards. Hey, maybe it was just a bad dice roll, but you were the one betting everybody else's money. Resign honorably, hand off the keys to someone else, disappear behind the scenes. You'll be fine, most of you are quite wealthy. If you're unsure how to spend your time and money, you can pay me to give you some advice about how to do that. I'd manage quite nicely. I hear southern Italy is nice, though I've never actually been. Let's go on a trip together! And your power isn't really going away, anyway, just your name on the business cards and letterhead. Let it go.