Monday, December 19, 2016

A Beat So Sweet

We can thank Mike Allen, the patron Saint of journalists for sale, for letting us know what they're up to.

The road to riches in journalism is, sadly, to be a horrible journalist. Just ask Mike and Mark Halperin. The Trump era journalism is going to require a sick bag. If they're already pushing out the loving profiles of Sexy Neo-Nazis, imagine what we're going to get.

There was hackish journalism in the age of Obama (almost over!) too, though it came more from self-identified actual liberal journalists than from supposed "mainstream" journalists. Not that I ever consider myself to be a journalist, but to be honest I got kinda of worn down by it all. No one on "our side" was very interested in hearing criticisms of Obama. And, yes, of course much of the bad stuff wasn't actually his fault. Some of it was, however. More during the first term than the second, but still.

As we saw during the Bush years, there will be immense pressure on even the good journalists to toe the line. Dear Leader can do no wrong, and you're a bad jew coastal elitists if you suggest otherwise.