Monday, December 05, 2016

American Dreaming

I wonder what they're doing.
After nearly a year of a complete absence of hard hats and boots on the ground at the Meadowlands Sports Complex site (outside of the white-collar workers in the trailers on the periphery of the project), I found six or eight workers at times in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, I counted 34. On Thursday, I counted 22. Today, I counted 29.

Probably pulling out everything of value to re-sell.*

That would take us into 2019, at best. On Feb. 12 of that year, babies born on the date that the state first approved of predecessor Meadowlands Xanadu will turn a Sweet 16. Some workers who weren't quite AARP-eligible on Feb. 12, 2003 would be retiring at age 65 by that time.

The grift goes on.

*This is a joke. do not sue me.