Monday, December 26, 2016

And There's The Punchline

Why I continue my lonely battle against self-driving cars.

That is why new rail-based transportation systems, such as the one that California has long been debating, are not sensible investments to make. By the time they are complete, our modes of mass transportation will have changed. The California project aims to move 20 to 24 million passengers a year from downtown L.A. to downtown San Francisco, through California’s Central Valley, in 2 hours 40 minutes. It is projected to cost an estimated $64 billion when completed by about 2030. By then, we will be debating whether human beings should be allowed to drive cars, and public rail systems will be facing bankruptcy because of cheaper and better alternatives.

The wise investment to make will be in accelerating adoption of self-driving cars and in reserving lanes for them,

They won't work, but they will "work" if we hand over massive amounts of public infrastructure to them, which is free, and spend nothing on alternatives, which are not free, because reasons. Freeways, expensive accessory required. Cars (Even the superfast ones) aren't engineered to travel 200 MPH for extended periods of time, and certainly not on our highways as currently constructed. But, hey, details...

I suspect everybody involved knows these things are vaporware, but if they can get enough public money involved they can make it work financially. It's the American way.