Monday, December 12, 2016

But That's What You're Good At

A semi-reasonable complaint ("semi" because I don't think it's true on all of the particulars, but let's say there's enough truth to it) in the UK is whatever the EU laws say, in practice it's a lot easier for those disgusting immigrants to come to the UK than it is for those disgusting Brits to move to the rest of Europe. A lot of this is simply because "everyone" learns a bit of English, some is that for various reasons British jobs are a bit more open to foreign applicants in practice. Obviously that's a bug if you hate immigrants because reasons, but it's surely been one of the UK's strengths. Shutting the door is not so smart.
The Home Office is considering cutting international student numbers at UK universities by nearly half, Education Guardian can reveal. The threat is being greeted with dismay by university heads, who say some good overseas applicants are already being refused visas on spurious grounds.

But Brexit was about an extra $350 million per week for the NHS... that's what they said...